Nosound - Afterthoughts (2013)

Originating from Italy Giancarlo Erra (the heart of Nosound) has been busy creating outstanding music for the last decade but Afterthoughts, contrary to the name of the album is no afterthought at all; I'd say this is the best Nosound album yet. 

The band is often seen as progressive rock but Afterthoughts has no complex rhythm changes and structures, instead the music is deceivingly complex in its simplicity and the focus is on atmosphere. 

Every single track in the album is there for good reason. The album flows seamlessly from hauntingly beautiful landscape to landscape with melancholic force and occasional, simmering, contained anger. The guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards and cello create hypnotic layers that sound simple and complex, symphonic but organic and grounded, never pompous.

I dare say that this will surely have to be one of the best albums this year. An outstanding effort from start to end.

The band release Wherever You Are as the single (see the video below), but I couldn't contain myself and I've also put the first song in the album which is my particular favourite.

Rating: Heavy Rotation


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